CP Attacks Trump

The Christian Post (CP), reputedly the most popular evangelical newspaper, took a shot at Donald Trump: “Donald Trump's former pastor says he never saw him in church, advises he read Gospels.” The story’s not as good as the headline, but the mere fact that CP ran it shows that evangelical support for Trump has eroded.

David Lewicki was an associate pastor at Trump’s church from 2004 to 2010. Despite the headline, he was not actually Trump’s pastor. But he knew what was going on, and he told CP that he never saw Trump at the church’s Bible study - even though Trump just came out for Bible classes in public schools.

More importantly, Lewicki said, “To my knowledge, no one ever saw President Trump in that time while I was there. So he was not a visible and active member of our congregation while he was on the membership rolls during that time.” While candidate Trump claimed he attended the church in question - Marble Collegiate – that turns out to be a lie. The church issued a written statement that Trump was “an inactive member.”

Apparently Trump’s recent support for Bible classes in public schools angered Lewicki, who said of Trump: “his actions, his demeanor, and his character are not indicative of someone who takes God and Jesus seriously. And so when he talks about faith and the importance of faith for people’s lives, I think it is fair for people to raise questions about the importance of faith in his own life.”

Pastor Lewicki is not a heavy-hitter in the evangelical community. Evangelicals revere authority figures, and Lewicki comes up short. Still, it looks like Trump will have a hard time generating the same level of evangelical support that got him elected. Of course, a lot will depend on who he runs against – if he lasts that long.


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