Jim Bakker Returns on CP

During the 1980s, Jim and his wife Tammy Fayer were among America’s most popular televangelists. They used their popularity to sell about 1000% of the shares in a time-share resort. After numerous complaints, they were indicted for fraud. But that did not diminish their popularity. Then Jim used church funds to pay hush money for raping a church secretary. That raised some eyebrows, but evangelicals are remarkably forgiving (of their own). But his state of grace ended when it was disclosed he also used church funds to buy sex with men. Before doing a prison sentence for fraud, he had to struggle. He has been out for over twenty years, scuffling with different evangelical gigs. Now he’s found favor with The Christian Post (CP), as an evangelical for Trump.

Their headline: “Jim Bakker: Trump has been led to Christ 'so many times'.” I wasn’t sure how to take it. Trump has had “so many” business consultants, but still managed to go bankrupt five times. He’s been given diets “so many times,” but never lost weight. He settled suits for fraud and similar offenses “so many times,” but there are hundreds more in the courts. Despite the penalties, he got caught paying sluts for sex “so many times.”

At first I thought Jim Bakker was complaining that leading evangelicals failed to bring Trump to Christ. But apparently he believes that when Trump tells an evangelist that he accepts Christ, Trump really is saved. Not only are his past sins forgiven, but he now has the Holy Spirit in him and sins no more. And since Trump has done this with so many preachers, he is now downright saintly.

Bakker claimed Trump’s mega-conversion “is probably one of the basic reasons why there’s miracles coming out of the White House and why there’s a miracle in America.” But he couldn’t name any. Bakker also believes that the evil ones have hired more than 100 hitmen to kill Trump, but his new-found holiness is protecting him. (If Gandhi accepted Christ from Billy Graham, he might have lived to make India and Pakistan loving neighbors.)


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