A Surprise from John Allen

John Allen, the editor of CRUX, usually seems to be part of the Vatican propaganda machine. He wrote The Francis Miracle shortly after the new pope took office, and puffed the two previous popes as well. Furthermore, by far his largest sponsor is the Knights of Columbus, which almost always supports the Vatican. So Allen’s latest editorial came as a surprise: “Selling people the Vatican “gets it” on abuse a challenge right now.”

Not only does Allen complain of a tough sale, he shows in almost shocking detail why recent events show that Pope Francis should not be considered someone who “gets it”; he is repeatedly on the wrong side of the issue. Even when the pope produced reasonable guidelines for handling abuse problems within Vatican City, John Allen pointed out that not only were they about 8 years overdue, they were nothing special to boot.

John Allen also produced his most negative conclusion in recent memory: “Francis can occasionally make it challenging to sell people on the idea that the Vatican really “gets it” - and his window to close that sale may not remain open much longer.” This is a very dramatic prophecy.


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