Profile of American Bishops

NCR published a newly released profile of American bishops. Basically, they a bunch of old white men. The average bishop is 65, and over a third are retired. 88% are white, while nearly half their churchgoers are Latino. Bishops are inbred: “He graduated from a Catholic high school, went to college seminary and earned a graduate degree in theology.” Amazingly, 71% have three or more graduate degrees, presumably from the equivalent of Catholic Bible schools. Half had educational junkets in Rome.

They have lots in common with other old white men: “Almost half of U.S. bishops who responded to the survey said they watch news on the FOX channel; only 4% watch MSNBC.” As to their reading, the great majority read the National Catholic Register – which is basically a right-wing religious paper; “Only 33% of bishops read the National Catholic Reporter [NCR],” a far better paper, and far more often cited by general media.

Basically, they look a lot like Republican Senators, only less respectable.


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