Pope Francis and Pederasty - An Update 2/7/2016 & 2/9/2016

A recent review, Review- The Francis Miracle by John Allen, highlighted early problems with Francis' treatment of clerical sex abuse and its cover-up. New data reinforces the seriousness of this problem.

Francis set up a commission to study the problem and make recommendations. Such commissions are often ploys to buy time, in the hope that the problem will disappear. This seems to be the case with Francis' commission on child abuse. Peter Saunders, a member of the commission and former abuse victim, had been critical of the inactivity of the abuse commission, as well as the pope's appointing a bishop who recycled pederasts. The other commission members voted to boot him out and silence dissent. Saunders is refusing to go. For details, click here, here, and here.

The faithful want to believe, and have relatively little concern with facts, especially inconvenient facts. It took several decades and thousands of victims before they recognized that their "good shepherds" had a problem. After thousands of victims, billions of lost dollars, bankrupt parishes, etc., the Church finally addressed problems with pederast priests. But the Church never addressed critical problems with bishops who covered up the problem, or simply passed it along. When a new pope came along with new promises, the faithful were satisfied, and the abuse crisis faded from view. It appears that Francis is more concerned with PR and whitewash than reform. This is typical. If you believe popes are more-or-less infallible, there is little reason to reform. It may take another crisis to provoke meaningful reform.

2/9/ - Further update here



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