New Case of Resurrection

The headline reads, “Pastor David E Taylor Claims He Raised Woman From Dead Through Facebook Message.” The full story is here. A picture of the preacher and the recipient of his miracle is below.

david taylor

Mr. Taylor is a prosperity preacher. His medical miracles are only a sideline. His Facebook page announced: "That's Power! What do you need resurrected that is dead in your life today? A Marriage? A Relationship? Ministry? Finances? Health? Children? a Business...? Call David E. Taylor's 24/7 Prayer Line Now to Pray the Prayer of Agreement and Receive Resurrection Power into Your Life and Situations!" (This was the theme of Oral Roberts, the original prosperity preacher. Roberts started as a faith healer, and then claimed he could “heal” anything that ails you – after you plant an appropriate financial “seed.”)

While Vatican faith healers often make the news [The Vatican's Exorcists ], both the Religious News Service and mainstream media ignored this story. Apparently it did not meet their criteria for Good News, despite the fact that Mr. Taylor’s purported miracle far exceeds any claimed by the Vatican.

Legal officials have questioned Mr. Taylor’s claims, but only about tax matters. Had Mr. Taylor been fraudulently selling stocks or other products or services, they probably would have made further inquiries. But when it comes to religion, questions of fraud do not apply. Law-makers can’t define religious fraud in such a way as to exclude “legitimate” religions.


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