Pope Nixes Peace-Making Opportunity

Pope Francis logs tens of thousands of miles proclaiming, “Peace on earth, good will to men.” He had high praise for the recent agreement between the government of Columbia and its revolutionary foe, FARC (here). This agreement ended 50 years of bloodshed. But when the pope was asked to send a representative to reinforce and extend the peace treaty, he declined. The Vatican’s Secretary of State remarked, “bearing in mind the universal vocation of the church and the mission of the Successor of Peter as pastor of the people of God, it would be more appropriate that the said task be entrusted to other parties.” WTF?


Why would the pope refuse to participate in a tribunal to resolve conflicts and maintain the peace? Historically, the Vatican often strived to be part of such negotiations, and complained if it was excluded. I suspect the pope and his advisors are afraid these negotiations will create controversy, which they shun. While Jesus said, “Blessed are the peace-makers,” they are having none of it. Even when an opportunity falls in their lap, they reject it.

The following events which the pope did choose to participate in provide some perspective on the pope’s real mission.

pope meets imam

When the pope met Ahmad el-Tayeb, grand imam of Egypt's al-Azhar mosque (shown above), his only public comment was “the meeting is the message.” This was the best he could do. The long-standing position of the Roman Catholic Church is that salvation is impossible outside the Roman Catholic Church (Extra ecclesiam nulla salus). I would be shocked if Pope Francis conceded that the imam and his followers might be saved outside the Church, simply for being good Muslims, or good people. No reporter or commentator saw fit to raise this or any related issue. Coverage was substance-free, and adulatory.


pope high fives copland2

Another papal meeting delivered a powerful message of solidarity and friendship with the dean of prosperity preachers, Ken Copeland (shown above). About a year later, Pope Francis harshly condemned the gospel of prosperity. No one batted an eye on either occasion. They assumed that the pope was, as usual, transmitting the eternal truths of the Catholic Church, as revealed by the Holy Spirit.

Pope Francis and his handlers practice the gospel of PR and photo-ops. Insofar as possible, they shun matters of substance. Pious bullshit rules.

A recent article notes that people even love a cardboard cutout of Pope Francis. They should. Functionally, it’s not much different than the real thing.

pope cutout

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