At Mosque, Pope Condemns Holy Wars

Reuters reports that while visiting a mosque in Azerbaijan, Pope Francis proclaimed: “From this highly symbolic place, a heartfelt cry rises up once again: no more violence in the name of God! May his most holy name be adored, not profaned or bartered as a commodity through forms of hatred and human opposition.”

Just the day before, Pope Francis declared (here), “a people’s fall begins where its memory of the past ends.” That is, suppressing history puts you on the road to perdition.


Did Pope Francis forget about all those Holy Crusades that dozens of popes called for? Did Pope Francis forget the sales pitch his infallible predecessors made to would-be soldiers? They promised that if God somehow failed to protect His soldiers from their heathen adversaries, He would reward them with a direct trip to Heaven, bypassing any time in purgatory, regardless of their prior sins. God loves a Holy War!

Does Pope Francis forget his talking points from one day to the next? Did his “memory of the past end”? Is he on the road to perdition? Does Pope Francis have any shame?

No one in the media seems to remember the Crusades. No reporter seems to remember Pope Francis’ speech of the prior day, which they lavished with praise.

The media have finally begun to fact-check Donald Trump, suddenly discovering that his statements often bear little relation to the facts. When will they get around to fact-checking the pope? When will someone hold him accountable?

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