Barna’s Evangelicals and Trump

I previously noted that Barna’s use of the term “evangelical” was misleading and idiosyncratic (bait and switch evangelicals). Barna’s evangelicals a fraction of the size of the usual category, and are essentially a group of old-fashioned fundamentalists. Barna recently found (here) that his fundamentalists/evangelicals favored Trump over Clinton by 55% to 2%. That is, virtually none support Clinton (Barna doesn’t mention the disposition of the remaining 43%.). Among “normal” evangelicals – which Barna calls “non-evangelical born again Christians” – those numbers are 49% to 31%. This is still a very large difference, but more in line with the results of registered Republicans in general. Among what Barna calls “notional Christians” – “people who consider themselves to be Christian but are not born again” – the largest category of Christians – Clinton leads 48% to 36%.

 Elsewhere, Barna presents data on how the candidates are perceived:


Curiously, only 12% of Americans view Trump as “authentically Christian,” versus 18% for Clinton. Almost 40% view neither as Christian. There is no attribute on which Trump beats Clinton. Both are viewed as equally trustworthy – and 40% view neither as trustworthy. I note that these perceptions do not correspond to the results of fact-checkers, who give Trump an unprecedented percentage of “pants-on-fire” ratings.

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