Knights of Columbus

Atlantic on Franklin Graham

Terrorist Deaths in U.S.

New Archbishop Declares War on Girl Scouts

FFRF on Trump’s Global Gag Rule on Abortion

Science and the Vatican

Borg and Crossan on the Purpose of Luke’s Acts

Vatican’s New Ministry of Information

Women Religious (nuns) in the Church

God and the Voter

America’s Sins According to Graham

Massive Church Atrocity Disclosed

Uproar over Child Abuse in India

On Faith and Fratricide by Ruether

Pope Francis says Devil is Behind Persecution of Christians

Papal “Power over the Past”

Irish Church Sold Boys into Slavery

Franklin Graham Once Again Backs Trump

Russia Outlaws Jehovah’s Witnesses

National Catholic Reporter (NCR) Slams Trump

Shed Attachment to Money

Evangelical Press Slimes Jimmy Carter

Atheism is Underreported

Why Easter is Called Easter

Some Recent News from the Catholic Church

A Hero of the Religious Right

Pope Francis – Salvation only from the Cross

Protestant vs. Catholic Corruption

Was Martin Luther an Anti-Semite?

Reaping What You Sow – Irish Catholic Edition

Garry Wills – “A Reasoning Faith”

Garry Wills on Tacitus

Garry Wills - Paul as Faultless Jew

Bart Ehrman on Paul’s 500 Witnesses

Garry Wills - Christ Appeared to Paul After 500 Witnesses

Bishops and Child Abuse

Pope Acknowledges Genocide

Christian Right on Contraceptive Research

Pope Francis Screws Up Again

What is “Laicizing” a Priest?

“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” – Tony Perkins, FRC

Evangelical Health Care II

Clerical Sex Abuse – Italian Style

Pew on Islam

Barna on Evangelical Sexism

Betsy DeVos and the Christian Schools Movement

Graham says Planned Parenthood is like Nazi Death Camp

Pro-Life Church in Flagrante Delicto

Catholic Outrage over Drag Show

Monsignor Who Told Bishops Not to Report Sex Abuse is Charged with Abusing Children

Papal Duplicity and Other Matters

Child Abuse in Catholic Church of Australia

Note on Australian Abuse Victims

Pew and Anti-Semitism

Pew Study on Attitudes Towards Religions

Catholic Charities

Review – “My Father My Lord”

Pope Francis on Trump and Much More

Mexican Exorcist Feared by Satan

School Vouchers, the Religious Right, and Trump

Barna on Bible Reading

Furor Over Papal Plagiarism

New Wave of Religious Freedom

Did God Choose Donald Trump?

Franklin Graham and Donald Trump

Penn State Pays Nearly $250 Million for Child Abuse Case

News Unfit to Print – Child Abuse

Joseph Fitzmyer, Scholar


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