Pew and Anti-Semitism

A recent Pew report said that Americans have “warmer” feelings towards Judaism than any other religion. I questioned this, suggesting it was just political correctness, and that respondents tried to avoid the appearance of bigotry. Lauren Markoe of Religion News Service wrote an article about anti-Semitic behavior last June (here). Not only have threats increased recently, but anti-Semitic discussions are multiplying on social media.

Pew’s research on religion is designed to show religion in a favorable light. That’s why they rely on measures of attitude. The one time they tried to measure knowledge, they found that atheists outperformed all other groups. All those pious folk who insist the Bible is the literal word of God and all you really need to know, actually know very little about the Bible or what Jesus really said. When you limit your research to attitudes and easily feigned measures, you don’t have to deal with realities like anti-Semitic behavior, harassment of Muslims, discrimination against atheists, etc. Life is more pleasant and propaganda flows more freely.

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