Catholic Outrage over Drag Show

The #2 article in CRUX on March 1 said, “Outrage in Spain for a drag show depicting the Virgin and Jesus’ crucifixion” (here). The author was Inés San Martín, CRUX’s Vatican correspondent, and second in command.

The event was a drag queen carnival in the Canary Islands. In one performance, Drag Sethlas initially dressed like the Virgin Mary, and then pretended to be Jesus on the cross. He/she descends from the cross and asked, “Do you want my forgiveness? Bend over and enjoy. Feel me in your mouth. Kneel down.”

The bishop of the island, Francisco Cases, condemned the show as “blasphemous frivolity.” He said, “My eyes were full of tears,” and said the show made him sadder than the 2008 crash of a plane where 150 people died.

No one commented on the morality of the claim that a drag show - even if tasteless - is worse than the death of 150 people. It certainly seems immoral to me. Bishop Cases was probably also wrong about it being blasphemous. Every week, the Church claims that millions of Catholics are inserting the entire body of Jesus Christ in their mouth. They say this is not blasphemous, but holy. Now if it is holy to insert Jesus’ entire body into your mouth, it is hard to see how inserting part of his body is blasphemous.

Ms. Martin is the Vatican correspondent for CRUX. I very much doubt whether she usually covers drag shows in the Canary Islands. I suspect that some folk in the Vatican were greatly distressed by this event. They threw their propaganda machine into gear, and dispatched a few of their minions to attend to the problem.

I stated earlier that this was the #2 story in that issue of CRUX. The lead story was the latest incident of the decades-long scandal of the Church’s responsibility in the rape and sexual abuse of thousands of innocent children. Relative to the evil of a drag show, Bishop Cases and his colleagues in the Vatican seem to think this is just business as usual.

Several years ago, Pope Francis created a special committee to look into the sex abuse epidemic and make recommendations. Members of the committee included two victims. Last year, one of the victims was kicked out after complaining that the committee did nothing. The lead article of March 1 reported the resignation of the remaining victim on the committee, who also protested that the committee did nothing.

Despite decades of recommendations, popes, including Pope Francis, refuse to even require that bishops report cases of sex abuse to the legal authorities. This is a pretty minimal requirement for addressing a moral abomination. The Church continues to shirk its responsibility in this criminal and utterly immoral affair, but gets worked up over a drag show. This is indicative of an utterly corrupt and perverse institution.

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