Evangelical Health Care II

As we’ve seen, one prominent evangelical group denounced government subsidies for helping the poor obtain health insurance (“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” – Tony Perkins, FRC). They provided no scriptural support for their position.

Now Congressman Roger Marshall, a Republican from Kansas, also denounced such subsidies. This pious Christian insisted that most of the poor don’t really want health insurance (here). He did provide scriptural support – Jesus’s claim that you will always have the poor. That is, this good Christian argues that since the poor will always exist, it doesn’t matter if many die unnecessarily from disease. We won’t run out.

I note that these good Christians don’t object to subsidies to wealthy agribusinesses, or to producers of ethanol, etc. (For those of you unfamiliar with Kansas, it is basically  a giant corn field.) They scream bloody murder if their special tax breaks – subsidies – are threatened. Removing their subsidies is a violation of freedom of religion.

Many millions of evangelicals agree that this is just what Jesus wanted. It’s quite amazing how many contradictory and self-serving positions pious Christians take in the name of Jesus.

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