Reaping What You Sow – Irish Catholic Edition

In the past decade, after series of ghastly crimes by the Catholic Church in Ireland came to light, some dioceses have lost over half their priests (here). The article, from the Catholic News Agency (CNA), fails to mention how much of its flock has wandered off, and what happened to Catholic schools and social organizations. A considerable number of parishes are without priests, and the seminaries hold almost no future priests. According to NPR, about two-thirds of Catholics no long attend church on Sunday (here), and an untold number have left it completely. But Bishops are relatively unaffected.

A bishop, whose dioceses has been blighted, told CNA, “I firmly believe the Lord is with us in change and will provide opportunities for the local church communities to continue to flourish in new ways.” You can almost always count on the Catholic Church to spew bullshit.

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