National Catholic Reporter (NCR) Slams Trump

NCR just produced a highly critical news article – not an editorial – about President Trump (here). It is harsher than anything I’ve seen in the mainstream press, and harsher than prior coverage from NCR or other Catholic news media.

Referring to Trump’s new Buy America initiatives, they say: “the man who now champions buying American products and hiring American workers has a long history of outsourcing his own extensive line of goods. Trump suits and shirts are made in Mexico. Trump ties are made in China. Trump vodka was distilled in the Netherlands. The executive orders may be the first products with Trump's name on them that were actually ‘Made in the USA.’”

The article also addresses Trump’s promises and actions regarding American workers, “those left behind by the neoliberal economic order,” tax policy, infrastructure, and more. I believe the author has his facts straight. It is especially surprising that NCR ran this article on the day they announced that Trump is trying to arrange a meeting with Pope Francis.

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