FFRF on Trump’s Global Gag Rule on Abortion

One of Trump’s early executive orders was payback for his evangelical supporters. He blocked federal funding for any organization that “promote” abortions – even if they did it with their own, non-federal funds. FFRF – the Freedom from Religion Foundation – just released an article on the subject (here).

The rule, which is being expanded, says that: “organizations that even ‘promote’ abortion will no longer receive federal funding. Promoting abortion essentially means talking to a woman seeking medical care about the fact that safe abortions exist as an option when it comes to family planning. Offering abortion counseling, advocating the right to seek an abortion, discussing outside options for how to safely terminate a pregnancy are all grounds for losing federal funding.”

AS FFRF notes:

“The new policy will have a catastrophic effect on hundreds of clinics in Africa and around the world that provide treatment for AIDS, fight against malaria, Zika and Ebola and provide safe childbirth practices. If any organization that provides these services so much as suggests to a woman that terminating a pregnancy is a legitimate medical option, it will no longer receive funding.

It was deeply unethical to take away critical health care resources from the organizations that assist the most vulnerable women in the world all because those organization also use their own money to provide abortions. U.S. taxpayer money has not been used to fund abortion services abroad since the Helms Amendment, which prevents American aid from being used to pay for abortions, was enacted in 1973. Now simply providing women with knowledge on how abortions can be done in a safe way to end a pregnancy is enough of a crime in the eyes of these theocrats to cut off the financial feeding tube keeping these organizations alive.”

There is more on this important issue. As they note, “Unsafe abortion accounts for 13 percent of maternal deaths ― about 47,000 deaths per year ― worldwide according to the World Health Organization.”

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