New Archbishop Declares War on Girl Scouts

Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City said that Girl Scouts represent “an increasingly hostile secular culture, which is promoting things very different from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our vision of the human person” (here). He is trying to banish them from his parishes because “the Girl Scouts internationally support legalized abortion around the world, and hold up as role models for young women figures such as Margaret Sanger, one of the founders of Planned Parenthood.”

Naumann is a replacement for Bishop Finn, who was convicted of protecting a pedophile priest (here). The Vatican forced his resignation, but failed to mention the reason for it. Naumann worked closely with Finn, and was a strong supporter of him (here). Naumann opposed the removal of Finn, and condemned SNAP, the victims’ group, for opposing Finn.

In other words, Archbishop Naumann’s morality condemns the Girl Scouts while defending pedophile priests and their supporters. This is perverse. While his condemnation of the Girl Scouts is new, his support for Bishop Finn and his failure to report pedophiles was known long before Pope Francis selected Naumann to replace Finn. While Pope Francis repeatedly claims to have a policy of zero tolerance for abusers, his actions repeatedly indicate very different attitudes and beliefs. Needless to say, neither the general press nor the religious press seems to have noticed this.

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