Atlantic on Franklin Graham

Atlantic ran an interesting piece on Franklin Graham (here). The author, Emma Green, tried hard to be “fair and balanced.” That may account for her lack of interest in fact-checking. She basically recorded many of Graham’s claims.

For example, Graham claims he confronted the president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir about his persecution of Christians. He claims Bashir said he would like to make Graham a Muslim. Graham responded he would like to persuade Bashir to become a Christian. Graham said, “the Muslims want to force conversion. Christians want to persuade you to voluntarily change your heart to where you would say yes to Jesus Christ.” Needless to say, Christians forcibly converted far more people than Muslims ever did. This is an outrageous falsehood. (In fact, millions of Christians fled to Muslim countries to avoid religious persecutions by Christians – especially Catholics.) The author just let it slide, along with all Graham’s other claims.

She did note, “the themes of this bravado-full scene with a foreign president—good guys standing up to bad guys, a global struggle against evil, an inherent opposition between Islam and Christianity—are constant in Graham’s thinking.” But she made no attempt to verify or falsify his tales.

Still, it’s worth a quick read.


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