Graham: “Islam is a Threat to our Very Life”

The complete headline from Christian Post (here): “Franklin Graham: 'Islam Is a Threat to Our Very Life; Hell Awaits Jihadists, Not 70 Virgins'” Mr. Graham used the occasion of the terrorist bombing in Manchester to amplify his hate-mongering of Islam. He even took a special trip to England for his photo-op.

At the site of the tragedy, Mr. Graham proclaimed, “Islam is a threat to our very way of life. There will be more stabbings, more shootings, more bombings, and more killing. Our U.S. politicians need to wake up and see the dangers.” He even added, "We need to find ways to make our border secure so that we can know who is coming into this country and make sure they support the freedoms and liberties we hold dear." He gets confused about Mexicans and Muslims. In fact, virtually no Muslim enters our country illegally. Either way, he’s always happy to shill for Trump.

Graham said, “Jihadists … are taught the lie that if you kill an infidel (a Christian or a Jew) and die in doing so, you will go to paradise where 70 virgins await you.” He called it a “wicked ideology” that must be “obliterated.” He added, “I've got news for them — Hell awaits, with real flames and real fire. Hell is a real place — and so is Heaven, but there is only one road to Heaven. Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me' (John 14:6).” Take that, you God-damned heathens!!

Mr. Graham overlooked the fact that the Muslims got this wicked idea about achieving salvation through Holy War from the Christians. The Pope invented it as a recruiting tool for his Crusades. The main difference is that the Pope made no promises about 70 virgins. Prudery prevailed. He was still elaborating on the mythic qualities of the Virgin Mary – working up to the immaculate conception.

Christian Post never commented (or fact checked) Graham’s previous fulminations. I’d hoped that at least some of their good Christians objected to Graham’s hate-filled demagoguery. This time they finally noted objections: “Graham, who has been criticized in the past for his harsh rhetoric on the religion of Islam, did not pull punches in his commentary on the attack.” But if you check the link provided for criticism, you find that it is a prior Christian Post article about a follower of Mr. Graham who attacked Graham’s critics, and contains not a word of criticism about Franklin Graham.

Christian Post claims to have 10 million unique visitors each month – a very large flock. It is basically a pious and sanctimonious version of Breitbart News. Religious newspapers are never paragons of journalism. They are propaganda. But the Catholic press is at least full of benign puffery. While the Christian Post also contains lots of puffery, it spews a good deal of hate-speech. Conservative Christians love their red meat and yellow journalism.


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