God and Climate Change

Good article from Andrew Seidel of the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) – “God’s not fixing climate change, he’s making it worse.

He cites this tweet from Erik Erikson, the evangelical radio host: “I worship Jesus, not Mother Earth. He calls us all to be good stewards of the planet, but doesn't mean I have to care about global warming.” This is a common sentiment.

He cites research from Pew that over 40% of Americans and nearly 60% of evangelicals believe that Jesus will return before 2050, and believes that’s why they are not concerned about the long-run health of the planet: “[Jesus will] bring the end times with him. This is the mindset that the environmental movement is fighting against, and it is welded onto our government in people like Inhofe, Shimkus, Walberg, and, of course, Mike Pence.”

Scary stuff. You can be a good, patriotic evangelical and ignore te environment, infrastructure, educating the masses, and productivity because none of that is going to matter.


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