On Faith and Facts

The blog Angry Bear highlighted a disturbing degree of ignorance and prejudice among Trump supporters (here):


“Less than half of recently polled Trump supporters believe Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer, despite the president’s eldest son admitting he attended the controversial meeting.The latest survey from Public Policy Polling finds that only 45 percent of Trump voters believe Trump Jr. attended a meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya


In spite of confirmation from Trump Jr. himself, 32 percent of respondents said the meeting didn’t happen and 24 percent said they’re not sure.”

Although the news is full of articles about Trump Jr.’s emails, his supporters are in denial and refuse to recognize the facts. This is nothing new. A large minority of Americans still believe that George Bush and Dick Cheney actually found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq- their pretext for invading it. This never happened.

It is no coincidence that these deniers are also people of faith. People of faith have a powerful tendency to deny the facts. When it comes to matters of life after death, etc., this is relatively harmless. But it’s no way to run a democracy, and can lead to hell on earth.


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