Violent Sex-abusing Priest Back in the News

CRUX ran an Associated Press article, “Ex-priest declared sexually violent, fate yet to be decided.” The article doesn’t go into details, but this former priest was evidently far from subtle about his criminal behavior. He was active around 2006, under Pope Benedict (he was in jail by the time Francis took office) - years after the Church claimed to have implemented new procedures for eliminating such problems.

Neither CRUX nor the AP asked how such a man could get through seminary and pass all those screening tests. Neither CRUX nor the AP asked why the bishop or other Church personnel failed to detect these crimes, and also failed to respond to complaints from the victims and their families. The civil authorities did everything, and the Church was found guilty in civil suits. Neither CRUX nor the AP ask how many other pederasts are still becoming priests, and still being ignored by the Church.


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