Some White Evangelical Advice for Black Christians

The Christian Post ran a guest editorial which asked, “Is the Gospel No Longer Enough for Black Christians?The article claims that black churches have lost their way: “The message that ‘Jesus Saves’ has been the clarion call of black Christians in America since their earliest exposure to Christianity in the 1600s.” But now black churches are going off message and proclaiming a social gospel. The author wonders where this heresy might lead: “will it be more in line with Malcolm X, demanding your rights ‘by any means necessary’?” Strangely, the author never even mentions Martin Luther King, by far the most prominent black minister to preach a social gospel. He just implicitly condemns him.

Needless to say, the author has no problem with White Christians preaching gospels other than “Jesus Saves.” He doesn’t even seem to have a problem with the prosperity gospel, which blatantly contradicts Jesus. Nor is there any criticism of those who depart from Jesus’s central teaching: “Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Virtually none of the evangelical leaders puffed by Christian Post ever say this.

The basic message of the Christian Post is that non-evangelicals are destroying the world, and causing God to attack us with hurricanes and tornados and tidal waves – none of which, of course, have anything to do with climate change - a hoax concocted by liberals. And forget about the social gospel and heretics like Martin Luther King. Only white evangelicals can save the world.


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