Another Example of Church Propaganda and its Blind Acceptance

The article from RNS (Religion News Service) says, “Archdiocese of Santa Fe releases names of accused priests.” It quotes Archbishop John Wester proudly saying, “We must practice openness and transparency whenever possible, as this is essential for rebuilding trust and healing wounds… this is the first time the archdiocese has published such a list.” Neither the archbishop nor RNS indicated why these names were suddenly released after many years. Victims had been calling for their release for decades with no result. The list is so old that nearly half the priests in it are dead.

SNAP, a victims group, provided additional information that RNS failed to mention (here). The key point: “we must be blunt: Archbishop John Wester and the Archdiocese of Santa Fe are not making the names public because of a desire for transparency or pastoral care. They are doing so because of a new law in New Mexico.” After the law pried the names loose from his hands, the archbishop suddenly preaches openness and transparency, contradicting what he and the archdiocese have always practiced. Neither the mainstream nor the religious media mentioned this crucial fact.

RNS and SNAP also discussed a Servants of Paraclete facility in Jemez Springs, NM. This was one of several Catholic “treatment” facilities for pederast priests. In fact it was basically a recycling facility. These priests were pronounced cured, and then shipped off to other parishes where they abused other children. The Church knew these priests were dangerous, and that the “treatment” was ineffective. But cycling pederast priests through a Potempkin treatment center was not only good public relations, it mitigated the Church's legal liability. These centers were shameful pretenses. Too few know about them.


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