Vatican Doubles Down on Child Pornographer

As recently noted [Vatican Uses Diplomatic Immunity for Child Pornography], the Vatican refused to cooperate with American legal authorities concerning one of its senior diplomats accused of possessing child pornography. Instead, they returned the accused to Vatican City and claimed sovereign rights. Most commentators criticized the Vatican's flouting of the law, especially in light of their record on child abuse.

Now Canada is also seeking to arrest the diplomat. RNS, publishing an AP report, notes that while this diplomat was celebrating Christmas in Windsor, he uploaded child pornography from a church. Once again flouting public opinion, not to mention its mantra of ‘zero tolerance,’ the Vatican has again refused to cooperate with the law and chose instead to protect this senior degenerate.

It should be noted that the accused is a young star, ordained in 1993, nearly a decade after the sex abuse scandal in Louisiana. On this note, the AP reporter claims: “the U.S. church still struggles with credibility problems 15 years after the sex abuse scandal erupted in the U.S.” Neither the reporter, nor the editor, nor RNC seems to be aware that the sex abuse scandal broke in 1984. Apparently they only know about the scandal in Boston that was depicted in the Oscar-winning Spotlight. Such ignorance and incompetence regarding the central crisis of the Church is indicative of the priority given to this problem.


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