Clerical Sex Abuse in Guam

NCR’s lead article: “Guam's day of reckoning after decades of sex abuse.” The “day of reckoning” is about as likely as an imminent Day of Judgment. But the article presents a number of facts and a number of lurid examples of the problem.

One key fact: “Guam, with a population of only about 160,000, has a per-capita rate of abuse claims more than five times higher than in Boston.” When it comes to the Church, not only does power corrupt but it leads to an epidemic of child abuse.

One key error: “Sex abuse scandals have roiled archdioceses throughout North America for the last two decades.” In fact, these scandals have been going on for nearly twice as long. There seems to be a concerted effort to minimize the duration of this ongoing crime. In fact, clerical child abuse was a problem long before the first North American scandal broke in Louisiana.


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