Judge Pries Abuse Records out of Church

RNS ran the Associated Press story, “New Mexico judge orders release of clergy sex abuse records.” The Church has been trying to suppress the records for over thirty years. Following the judge’s order, Church officials said “they hope the disclosure along with the recent publication of a list of clergy accused of sexual misconduct will serve as an additional step in healing for survivors, their families and parishioners.” They had little concern for the victims and their families over the prior decades when they fought disclosure.

It is the basically the same old story we’ve heard again and again. Cover-up: “The documents include letters showing church leaders knew of sexual abuse allegations that had been leveled against three priests from the 1960s through the 1980s.” Aiding and abetting pederast priests: “The records paint a picture of a diocese that repeatedly assigned priests accused of sexually abusing children to posts where they could abuse again, the Albuquerque Journal reported . The records include letters and reports from psychologists to church leaders that detail allegations against the three priests.”

This is not only the same story we find over and over in America, it is a worldwide epidemic. For over thirty years, amazingly little has been done fix it - virtually nothing by Pope Francis.


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