Puff Piece on Pope Francis

The Guardian just produced this lengthy puff piece on Pope Francis, depicting him as the good cop doing his best to fend off all those bad cops in the Vatican and Church hierarchy. Of all places, I came across the link on a popular financial web site. (It previously ran a piece claiming that religion in America produces generates over $1 trillion a year in value. I suspect this financial guru never noticed that this is approximately the size of the tech sector.)

Needless to say, there is not a word about Pope Francis’s handling of the Church’s sex abuse crisis. Not even a word about his special commission on child abuse that has produced virtually nothing but embarrassment for four years. While wailing about the shameful treatment Pope Francis receives from Church conservatives, there is no mention of his abusive treatment of the people and priests of a Nigerian diocese (Pope Francis Hornswoggles Nigerian Priests).

The Vatican’s propaganda machine seems to be in high gear. It is too soon to tell what this means, but there may be a tidal wave of bullshit heading our way.


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