Lead Article in NCR Attacks Tax Cuts

The lead article from the National Catholic Reporter (NCR): “Kansans urge Americans to learn from their economic mistakes.” Why does a Catholic journal run an article on tax policy as their lead?

I have no problem with the content of the article. Political and economic commentators have been making these points for several years. But NCR apparently believes this is a burning moral issue, more important than numerous moral issues they fail to cover.

This sudden outcry about a Kansas tax cut passed in 2012 seems directed against the current Trump/Republican “tax reform” proposal(s), which they somehow fail to mention. It’s as if they can’t help themselves. Whether they are covertly trying to protect pederast priests, or are trying to get the rich to pay a larger share of the welfare state, they seem unable to argue in an honest, straightforward way. It's almost as if it is part of their religious creed.


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