More Pious Idiocy from the Copelands

As earlier noted, Ken Copeland said soldiers with PTSD should stop their medical treatment, because God gave them immunity thousands of years ago. They should just submit their claim to God and be healed (see Protests against Ken Copeland). (I forgot to mention that Copeland is a member of President Trump’s Faith Advisory Council.) It turns out he has a history of such false medical prophecies.

Ken's wife Gloria also participates in this medical advice. She and Ken are telling people not to get flu vaccinations because Jesus had already granted them immunity (here): “Listen partners, we don’t have a flu season. And don’t receive it when somebody threatens you with, ‘Everybody is getting the flu’. We’ve already had our shot, He [Jesus] bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases. That’s what we stand on.

It turns out she and Ken made a similar proclamation about measles five years ago, telling their flock not to get vaccinated because Jesus had them covered. But then their church was at the center of a measles outbreak.

The Copelands have learned nothing from their errors and false prophecies. Nor has their flock. No one even thinks about holding them accountable. That’s probably why Trump values Copeland’s advice.


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