Cardinal Exposes Pope Francis’ Lies

The Associated Press (AP) reported “Despite denial, Pope Francis got Chilean abuse victim’s letter.” In his recent visit to Chile, Pope Francis repeatedly said he had seen no evidence against Bishop Juan Barros. He accused both the press and victims of ‘slander’ and ‘calumny,’ and demanded ‘proof.’ Cardinal O’Malley, the head of the pope’s commission on child abuse, told the AP he had personally handed such ‘proof’ to Pope Francis in 2015. I know of no previous case where a cardinal openly challenged a pope’s credibility.

Cardinal O’Malley was given the proof by Marie Collins, a former member of the papal commission on child abuse. The ‘proof’ was part of an eight-page letter by Juan Carlos Cruz, an abuse victim and eyewitness to Bishop Barros’ misconduct. These charges had been in the public record, part of the case against Bishop Barros.

Cardinal O’Malley, Marie Collins, and Juan Cruz gave this story to the Associated Press. A number of Catholic media have picked it up. The Vatican has refused to comment. I don’t think we’ll hear much more about Pope Francis’ Teflon coating.


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