Evangelicals were Communist Dupes

I suspect nearly everyone knows by now that Russians ran propaganda campaigns to help elect Donald Trump. They targeted the credulous and those uninterested in the facts. Not surprisingly, evangelicals were their top demographic target. FFRF (Freedom from Religion Foundation) provides examples of their fraudulent pitches and more here. It’s incredible that people were swayed by such absurdities.

Christianity Today, a leading evangelical paper, proclaimed: “Christian Facebook users are particularly active and eager to comment and share content. For years, Christian pages ranked among the most engaged on Facebook, with Jesus Daily … topping the list.”

The right wing has long engaged in such campaigns with evangelicals. On this day, we also commemorate Billy Graham’s illegal electioneering on behalf of Richard Nixon. In those days, propaganda was less sophisticated. Graham just touted his good friend Richard Nixon’s righteousness, and that was enough.


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