New Concern for Vatican

RNS reports: “Bill spurred by Nassar scandal raises concerns in Catholic Church.” Larry Nassar was the doctor who sexually abused many members of the U.S. women’s gymnastics team. People are so incensed at this they are pressing for extensions of the statute of limitations and related measures that would open abusers to criminal charges for a much longer period. Since Nassar was convicted and received a sentence of up to 175 years, it’s not clear why there is such pressure. But it has Catholic officials sweating and screaming.

For over 35 years, since the first child sex abuse scandal in Louisiana, the highly restrictive statute of limitations for child abuse has been a great friend to the Church, protecting hundreds of pederast priests and saving it tens of billions of dollars. While thousands of victims were effectively denied justice, public sympathy for these victims was insufficient to change the statutes. Church lobbyists and propagandists were able to control both the public and government institutions. But the emotional swell of sympathy for our Olympic heroines has caught the Church like a tidal wave and overwhelmed it. If they had only used the past 35 years to attack their problems rather than circling the wagons to defend the status quo, the Church would have far less at risk. But doubling down on corruption and immorality is part of Church tradition.


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