Canada Attacks Pope Francis and Vatican

Canadians have a well-earned reputation for being laid back. They get along with almost everyone, including their aggressive neighbors to the south. But now its House of Commons has unanimously attacked Pope Francis and demanded a personal apology for the pandemic of abuse of native children in Catholic schools (here). This is unprecedented. Even China and Russia get along better with the pope. Furthermore, Canada is an overwhelmingly Catholic country. Nearly 40% of Canadians still call themselves Catholics; almost 25% are “nones” - primarily former Catholics; all other Christians combined account for 28%.

Pope Francis rejected an earlier call for apology. While went to Chile to help defend an alleged child abuser, he has no time for a trip to Canada. He is too busy praying for world peace and attending photo-ops.

Pope Francis has consistently been on the wrong side of the abuse problem. He created a special commission to fix the problem, but failed to empower it. It accomplished almost nothing, perhaps by design. It was created with two former abuse victims on its committee. One was removed from the commission for criticizing the commission’s lack of activity. The other later resigned in protest due to the inactivity of the commission. Pope Francis recently reorganized the committee. He kept the same chairman who accomplished nothing for four years. His only “reform” was to exclude all former abuse victims from the commission - they were nothing but trouble. Elsewhere, Pope Francis attacked an group of journalists for their charges against a Chilean bishop accused of abuse, calling them groundless and a hoax. But his own man later showed the charges were well-founded, and Pope Francis blamed it all on the devil.

Not only has Pope Francis failed to fix the child abuse problem, he has been a repeated embarrassment. The only saving grace is that the media has not publicized his failures, despite attacks on the Church’s handling of its abuse problem by government commissions in Australia, Canada, and elsewhere. Does he believe he can fool all the people all the time?


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