Vatican Doubles Down on Birth Control as Mortal Sin

CRUX phrased this a little differently: “Humanae Vitae needs no update, commission chair says.Humanae Vitae was the papal encyclical which (infallibly) claimed that artificial birth control was a mortal sin, essentially a form of murder. This was also the document that infallibly asserted that the rhythm method was an effective means of birth control. This created millions of unwanted children, and enormous hardship. Virtually all today’s Catholics reject it. But now the Church has reviewed it and pronounced it is without error. However, I doubt if they’ll use their propaganda machine to spread the word.

This once again reveal’s the Church’s indifference to facts and technical matters. The rhythm method is clearly ineffective relative to other methods of birth control. It is better than nothing, but not by much, and it is amazingly difficult to implement. Devout Catholics in the 1950s and ‘60s endlessly complained about it. Today, virtually all Catholics ignore the Church’s prohibition on artificial birth control, even though the Church teaches that they are jeopardizing their souls by doing so.

The Catholic Church has just doubled down on this fiasco and officially reiterated the effectiveness of the rhythm method. After all, Pope Paul VI was infallible. This is the same institution that tells the world how to run its financial systems without bothering to learn anything about them [New Vatican Attack on Capitalism]. They dispense divine wisdom, unlike secular groups that deal with facts. People of faith accept this.


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