Pope and Patriarch in Folie à Deux

Pope Francis periodically rails at capitalism (for a recent example: New Vatican Attack on Capitalism). Now he’s got his counterpart from Constantinople involved in the act (here). In a joint appearance, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew condemned the “the deification of profit, the association of dignity with property, the reduction of the human being to ‘homo economicus’ and the subordination of the human person to the tyranny of needs.” But the real problem – “we worship technology and its highest symbol - the computer - as our god.”

Either Pope Francis said nothing or CRUX declined to report it. But it in the past, while the industrial revolution was benefitting nearly all of Europe, the pope declared that the steam engine was the work of the devil and did not allow it in the Papal States. I should note that the Papal States weren’t that great in agriculture, either. And far from rewarding Gregor Mendel for his discoveries, they plowed them under after transferring him to an administrative job. The Papal States, I should add, remained in grinding poverty while Europe advanced. The pope, in his gilded palace, literally tried to forbid progress.

Keep in mind that both the pope and the patriarch are heads of huge bureaucracies and have large staffs at their disposals. Either they only hire and promote morons, or the pope and patriarch are such flaming assholes that no one is willing to correct them. While their concern for the poor is admirable – even if only in words – their solution would lead to a world where 80-90% of the people are poor, as it was in the good old days when Christianity was in charge of Europe and the Byzantine Empire.

While the media reports when these pious fools pray for peace or for the victims of disasters, they remain silent as they reveal what asses they truly are. After all, they may need come in handy for the next war against communism.


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