Consequences of “Religious Freedom”

I recently noted that “religious freedom” has become a code word for allowing religious zealots to discriminate against, and effectively persecute, various groups (New Trends in Religious Freedom). I came across a link in a Catholic publication to an ABC News report that many states can no longer perform an appreciable number of abortions. Religious zealots in these states have effectively shut down the clinics.

While the Catholic publication cited this with approval and even admiration, the ABC report was: “In growing number of states, women seeking abortions face the problem of where to go.” The states with the fewest facilities are poor states. These states have proportionately greater demand for abortions, and women in these states are less likely to have the resources to travel to obtain a legal abortion. Not only is this done in the name of religious freedom, it is done in the name of Christian love. It’s not often Catholics and Protestants work together on matters of faith. Recall that the literal meaning of auto da fé is "act of faith."


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