More Digby on Trump

After reporting on a whistleblower’s case against Scott Pruitt, Trump’s former head of the EPA, Digby gets round to a broad view of Trump and his followers (here). Part of her portrait of a typical Trump supporter: “‘We're voting with our middle finger’ is how a used-car dealer from Greenville, SC described his support for Trump ahead of the 2016 Republican primary.”

She discusses several implications of this childish/infantile sort of hostility. I suspect the other side of this coin – the egocentric childish/infantile belief that the world exists to serve you – helps explain why evangelicals, who pray for Jesus to shower them with worldly treasures, are so identified with Trump. Trump is a prototype of rich white trash. He believes he is the only law (and reality) that counts, and throws a tantrum whenever he doesn't get his own way.


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