Martin Luther – Jews are “Devils Incarnate”

The headline in The Christian Post (CP) – “Martin Luther Letter Calling Jewish People 'Devils Incarnate' Is on Auction for $300,000.” The auction house notes that this letter was written shortly after Luther’s book, The Jews and Their Lies. The auction house notes that the letter was written to encourage a provost to continue attacking a preacher who defended Jews – calling the preacher “a true devil, letting his sayings be so shamefully misused to the damnation of all those who associate with Jews.” A spokesman for the auction house said, while “we think of Martin Luther as a reformer, this letter reminds us of his unrepentant anti-Semitism.”

CP is an evangelical paper, and they tried to defend their hero. They located a web site, Luther 2017, which said Luther “belongs to the tradition of Christian anti-Judaism, which must be distinguished from modern anti-Semitism. The term 'anti-Semitism' was coined in the 19th century and is connected to the false theory that the Jews constitute a 'race.' For Luther, faith was always the core issue.” Nearly all of this is patently false. About the only true part is ‘the tradition of Christian anti-Judaism,” which is very ancient, and even overlaps the apostolic age - even though all the apostles were Jews. Note too that even in Jesus’ day, Judaism was regarded as a race, though Greek and Latin authors used terms like nation or ethnos. It is absurd to say that anti-Semitism was invented in the 19th century.

CP noted that Hitler frequently used Luther to support his case. This is rarely acknowledged. After Hitler managed to forge a formal alliance with the Catholic Church, he also made much of that. Hitler’s was a non-denominational Christian message. While modern revisionists try to paint him as a pagan, Hitler was supported by both Protestants and Catholics, clergy and laymen alike.

Hitler was a lot easier on the Jews than Martin Luther, at least in his book Mein Kampf. Hitler just wanted to expel Jews from Germany - to it “free of Jews.” Even after the war began, Hitler just wanted to deport the Jews. But when he couldn’t find any country to take them, he was forced to find a different “final solution.” Luther wanted to destroy all the synagogues along with all the Jews. He was for genocide long before Hitler.

In any case, it will be interesting to see who is willing to pay hundreds of thousands for a historic hate crime.


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