The Good Steward

The headline in CRUX (over an AP article): “$63,000 found in ceiling at home of Michigan priest accused of theft.” The priest, Father Jonathan Wehrle, had stolen millions of dollars over the years, and was living in a 6000 square foot mansion that he built. CRUX somehow ignored the implications of this news. (NCR and other Catholic media seemed to overlook the entire story.)

The article does not mention who turned him in. Presumably it was not the Church. Father Wehrle was making about $45,000 a year, yet living in a mansion. He stole a considerable percentage of his church’s revenues for many years, yet no one seemed to notice. Can you think of any other organization that would fail to notice if a branch manager was pocketing so much of the money coming into his shop? Not only is the Catholic Church incredibly corrupt, it is incredibly incompetent.

While the Church may not be terribly interested in the children abused by priests, it is certainly interested in money, and is constantly trying to raise more. But the Church apparently has no system for monitoring finances. Their abject stupidity rivals their abject immorality.


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