Vatican Attacks Prosperity Gospel:

2. Evangelical Defense

Evangelical newspapers decided the best defense was that of ostriches. Why respond when your audience never knew of the attack? Fox News never covered the Vatican’s attack on the prosperity gospel, and evangelicals don’t pay much attention to other major media, let alone the Catholic press. So we have no direct evangelical defense. But RNS, the leading religious news service, rose to the task: “Vatican-OK’d journal strikes out again at US evangelicals.” Note that they assumed that an attack on the Prosperity Gospel was an attack on all evangelicals, rather than some small sect.

But RNS didn’t actually defend evangelicals from the Vatican attack. Nor did they present any defense from prosperity preachers or their advocates. RNS noted that “While prosperity gospel is widely popular, many Christians consider it heretical.” But RNS also failed to say why this gospel is heresy.

Basically, RNS summarized the attack, focusing on political implications: “Trump campaigned in part on his record as a wealthy real estate developer and businessman, and prosperity gospel preacher Paula White is a key Trump adviser. She and another prosperity preacher, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, were among the religious leaders selected to offer prayers at Trump’s swearing-in.” RNS failed to mention that Trump’s special council of religious leaders also consists of prosperity preachers.

Considering the popularity of this gospel, it is remarkable that no one defends it. That tells you something about prosperity preachers and their flock.


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