More on Protestant vs. Catholic Sex Abuse

I previously commented on the difference between cases of sex abuse in the Catholic and Protestant churches (Sex Abuse, Protestant Style), based on news from the Willow Creek megachurch. Among other things, the victims of Protestant abuse were adult women, and they were not raped. But now we have a new report from the very same Willow Creek Church. It turns out that they also raped boys- Willow Creek Megachurch Paid $3.25M in Lawsuits Over Sex Abuse of Disabled Boys.

Still, this was a very small share of the sex abuse in Willow Creek. More importantly, each of these child victims received more than $1 million. Catholic victims are lucky to received six figures, let alone seven. Had the Catholic Church paid out $1 million per victim, it would have gone bankrupt years ago. Let us pray for an ecumenical trend in church reparations! And while you're at it, ask the Holy Spirit guiding these good Christian shepherds to keep his pants on.


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