‘Monsignor Meth’ Busted Again

In the good old days, priests were infamous for their alcohol consumption. They had ready access to sacramental wine, and as long as they left enough to provide the flock with the transubstantiated blood of Christ, no one complained very much. But times have changed - and for the worse.

The AP reports, “‘Monsignor Meth’ fails drug test, may go back to prison”- “Former Bridgeport Diocese Monsignor Kevin Wallin recently tested positive for amphetamine at the facility where he’s been receiving treatment.” First, a monsignor is a senior position- only the pope can create a monsignor. Monsignor Wallin was previously “the personal secretary to bishops Walter Curtis and future-Cardinal Edward Egan.” Second, he was caught doing drugs while still in the rehab facility. It turns out, “he has failed six drug tests before but was given another chance.”

He was not just a user, he was a dealer – “he ran a meth distribution ring.” From his base in Connecticut, “Wallin was selling nearly $9,000 of meth a week to places as far away as California.” There was no discussion of who he was selling to. But he had a network of priests and bishops, and they were very likely his clients.

Well, you may say, at least he wasn’t a child abuser. But after he was removed from his position as rector of St. Augustine’s Cathedral, they found “adult pornographic videos, sexual toys and leather masks hidden in his rectory.” Who knows?

After he was arrested, a spokesman for the diocese said, “we took action immediately and forcefully, and regrettably, given how good a priest he was.” If only we could have moved him to some other diocese and covered it up!!

The Catholic clergy are probably the world’s most deviant profession.


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