Catholic Church Hides Assets and Screws Victims

The headline from Australia fails to tell it all: “Catholic Church's massive wealth revealed.” Not only did the Church lie about its assets, it did so to avoid payments to its victims.

“A six-month investigation by The Sydney Morning Herald has found that the church misled the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse by grossly undervaluing its property treasures in both NSW and Victoria while claiming that increased payments to abuse victims would require cuts to its social programs.”

It turns out that the Catholic Church in Australia is paying the average victim a mere $49,000, a pittance for the trauma caused by raping a child. By comparison, Trump paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 just for non-disclosure, not counting various forms of payment for consensual sex. But the Church was not satisfied with this bargain. It committed fraud to evade payments.

This news is now over six months old. The Catholic Church, with its divine propaganda machine, managed to suppress it. Only recently has news leaked out, and it was a very small leak. Note that The Sydney Morning Herald is one of Australia’s largest newspapers. While Australia is out of the way, it is hardly obscure. Major newspapers like the NY Times have correspondents there, not to mention wire services like Reuters. But they were more likely to cover an unruly rugby match.


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