Trump and the Reporting of Rape

President Trump recently claimed that all victims of rape report the crime to the police immediately. It is not clear whether this is another example of his confidence in matters he knows nothing about, or another example of his mendacity. But Vox provides data that shows how completely off the wall Trump’s claim is (here). This is also relevant because sexual assaults on children are even less likely to be reported.

Vox presents a wide variety of evidence, but this chart is sufficient:

rape reporting.png


Only 1/3 of rapes are ever reported. In part, ths is because reports involve a good deal of pain, but very rarely result in an arrest. According to this data, only 0.05% of alleged rapists ever get arrested, and almost none are convicted.  

This data is appalling. Even more appalling is the fact the President of the United States, with an army of expert fact checkers at his command, almost habitually produces such preposterous claims.


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