Pope Francis says Church under Satan’s influence

While the Catholic Church has always claimed it was divinely guided by the Holy Spirit, Pope Francis has repeatedly suggests Satan has gained control. In his latest plea, Pope Francis asked the world’s 1.3 billion Catholics to pray the rosary every day for a month to protect the Church from the devil (NCR, CRUX).

Earlier, during the recent uproar over the Church’s abuse of children, Pope Francis said “it seems like the devil, ‘the great accuser, has been let loose and he’s got it in for the bishops.’” The Devil made us do it!!! Has God put Satan in charge of the Catholic Church?

Recall that God gave Satan control over Job, the most righteous man on earth. But even then, Job remained righteous. He never cursed God, much less raped children or covered up atrocities, as the Catholic Church has been doing for decades, if not longer.

Maybe Pope Francis is right, and Satan is responsible for both his ineptitude and the Church’s criminality. The question arises, how long has Satan had control of the Church? When is the last time you can recall the Church performing anything remotely resembling a positive miracle, like stopping an epidemic (unlike spreading AIDS through its condom policy), or bringing about peace? When people are starving, when has the Church produced loaves of bread to feed them, like Jesus supposedly did? We know that in its glory days, the Catholic Church incited and participated in many wars, especially against Muslims and Protestants. Presumably Satan was even in control back then. Is there any evidence that God or the Holy Spirit ever guided the Catholic Church?


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