Evangelical Leader Asks God to Interfere with FBI Investigation

Pat Robertson routinely uses his position as evangelical leader to play politics. Now he’s trying to protect Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh: “we pray that, somehow, the Holy Spirit of God will throw confusion into the counsel of these myriad accusers who are coming forth.… We pray in the name of Jesus, throw confusion into their counsel.

While Jesus reputedly said that the truth will set you free, Mr. Robertson wants nothing to do with the truth. He certainly doesn’t pray for it. Instead he asks God to put some sort of curse on those accusing Brett Kavanaugh of misconduct. He tells his viewers this is necessary because “The Supreme Court of the United States is the power center of the liberal left.”

Pat Robertson has condemned the Supreme Court ever since it outlawed segregated schools in Brown vs. the Board of Education. He doubled his attacks after the Court’s Roe vs. Wade decision legalized abortions. But the Supreme Court has actually been the power center of the right wing for about a decade. Witness Citizens United vs. FEC, a gift to right-wing plutocrats. Repeating lies is a favorite tactic of Mr. Robertson and his colleagues. His followers have been conditioned to condemn unpleasant truths as “fake facts.”


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