Church to Flock: ‘Screw You!!’

The headline: “Canadian bishops’ abuse policies do not include way to censure bishops.” The Catholic Church is being buffeted from pillar to post by a series of crises concerning the abuse of children. Pope Francis himself is directly implicated. Yet the Church still refuses to be held accountable.

Back in the 1980s, Pope John Paul II promised a ‘zero tolerance’ policy. His successors have chanted this mantra for over 30 years. But while they are happy to provide lip service, including both prayers and promises, they still reject concrete measures of accountability. It is inconceivable that the Vatican did not approve this proposal. In fact, it is likely that the Vatican once again protected its bishops and prevented accountability.

The Vatican’s flagrant irresponsibility and rejection of public opinion boggles the mind. It should long ago have been clear that new legislative measures are needed. In many jurisdictions, the Church is not even required to notify authorities about alleged child abuse – even though doctors, nurses, lawyers, and various other professionals are legally required to. Covering up these crimes and shuffling accused pederasts between locations should be made a criminal offense. Statutes of limitations should be extended. Since the Church will not accept accountability, the State should impose it on them.


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