Memoirs of an ex-evangelical

Meghan O’Gieblyn was raised a home-educated, Bible-believing evangelical. She even spent a couple of years at Moody’s Bible College, one of the oldest and most conservative of such institutions. Then she lost her faith. She was interviewed about her new book Interior States by Tara Isabella Burton of Vox. One part of the generally vapid interview is of interest.

“It’s interesting watching the movement evolve now, as an outsider. With the Trump presidency, and the overwhelming amount of white evangelicals who voted for him — that was an incredible disillusionment for me. The narrative of when I grew up at school during the Bush years was, ‘He’s one of us; he’s a good man.’


And then to see the church do a total 180 and support someone like Trump, who is not a Christian, who is an adulterer, who totally goes against all their values — it makes it clear that [Christian politics] were about cultural dominance, Christian nationalism, patriarchy, white supremacy. I think the Trump presidency sort of revealed the extent to which maybe Christian politics were always about those issues.”

This seems obvious, but you never see it in evangelical media, and only rarely see it in mainstream media.


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