Head of Vatican’s Commission for the Protection of Minors Finally Does Something

Cardinal Sean O’Malley is the head of Pope Francis’ special commission on child abuse. For five years, this commission has been tasked with creating procedures to eliminate priestly pederasty and its cover-up, as well as to heal the victims of such abuse. It has had no notable accomplishments.

The Associated Press reports that Cardinal O’Malley has now reviewed reports on Bishop Malone of Buffalo, and is forwarding a request to the Vatican that they investigate his handling of child abuse cases. I was not aware that such investigations fell within his scope of responsibility, but here at last he may be doing something of significance.

The article notes that Bishop Malone made public a list of only 42 abusive priests, despite the fact that there were allegations against more than100 priests. Buffalo investigative reporters had raised issues about Malone’s handling of abusive priests, which appeared to follow the familiar pattern of recycling offenders in new parishes.

Even if Cardinal O’Malley and the papal commission fail to make any progress concerning general procedures for preventing priestly pederasty, at least he might have accomplished something. It should be noted that the Vatican has had records of Malone’s questionable practices for years, and failed to do anything about it.


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